Goodfluence - Do Good, Influence Good

We are working on a community to help you share good

We stand behind a simple concept
An individual can affect much more change by influencing others than they can on their own.
It is our goal to help build a community that allows individuals to easily influence and inspire others to do Good.

About Us

Goodfluence is the place for you to do good and influence your friends and social networks to do good too. By good we mean actions that are beneficial to the earth, your community, or yourself. Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." We say be the change and influence others to be the change too!

Rob Greenfield

image name Rob Greenfield is an adventurer, environmental activist, and entrepreneur.
He is best known for Off the Grid Across America, a bicycle tour across the USA on a bamboo bicycle to inspire Americans to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
Rob is also an inspirational writer and speaker, world traveller, ambassador to 1% for the Planet, and founder of The Greenfield Group.

Ryan Sandberg

image name Ryan's background is in Marketing and Project Management.
He spends his days managing an online publishing agency.
Ryan also has a background in entrepreneurship and, with his Father and Brother, started a garden seed distribution business in the mid-90's.


The motivation behind creating Goodfluence is to build a platform where tracking the ripple effect of a good act is easy and fun.
It’s a positive place to form good habits for healthy and happy living.
It's platform for you to influence others simply by leading by example and sharing it.
By seeing the power of influencing others to do good you’ll also see that the actions of individuals really do matter and that together we can create massive positive change.
So, what is Good?
We know, we don't get to actually decide what "good" is...
But for the sake of keeping things standardized we are striving to make a positive impact for our community, our environment, and ourselves.

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